Seahorse Pool Contractors explain you don’t need to give up your entire yard to have a swimming pool. Lap pools fit small backyard spaces and there are many other styles that allow you to have the fun of a pool, but still keep greenspace — this might be important if you have children who want to play in the yard or if you want to have a swingset or even a patio space for the adults.

Lap pools fit small backyard spaces

  • A lap pool is designed for small backyards and provide an intimate setting for friends and family. The design allows you to have an outdoor living space, green space, lighting, fountains and other outdoor amenities you may not be able to have if you devote the entire yard to the pool.
  • A lap pool is a long, rectangle that can be constructed with varying depths or all one depth.
  • A lap pool is typically the width of a single “lap” lane of a traditional sized swimming pool.
  • These pools are large enough for friends and family and of a size that is ideal for children to play in, but still allows you to keep the character and space of your backyard.
  • If you’re looking for a pool for purely exercise reasons, a lap pool will be the ideal size and shape to consider. It lends itself to swimming laps and lets you preserve yard space.
  • A lap pool will be the focal point of your backyard. It will add grace, beauty and will be the space at which you will likely spend most of your down time.

If you’ve been yearning for a swimming pool without having to give up the backyard space, give us a call and let’s talk about how a lap pool mgiht be able to give you the best of both worlds — a pool to call your own and green space in your backyard. These pools are popular for families of all sizes.