Seahorse Pools, building in the Fort Worth Texas area explain concrete swimming pools 

What is a gunite pool? This is a question that will come up when you;re talking with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools along with many other questions. Concrete aka gunite, is one of the three building materials you can choose from for your swimming pool. The other two are: fiberglass and vinyl liner.

What is a gunite pool?

There are myriad questions to consider with a gunite pool including:

  1. Where will the pool be placed? You will need to know this because you will want to decide whether you will have to make changes in the look of your yard and its design or whether the pool will fit into the existing landscape.
  2. Ask for sketches of the potential pool project from a birds eye view.concrete swimming pool
  3. What pool accessories do you want? Accessories include: sun shelves, a diving board or slide, a rock waterfall or even a fountain.
  4. Not necessarily gunite construction related, but as part of your pool project you may want pool automation technologies included as part of the project.
  5. Ask about and budget for pool safety items — both those mandated and additional items you want to include to enhance the safety of the pool.

Work with a contractor experienced in gunite swimming pool construction. Ask for references for other clients with whom they have worked. As with any swimming pool construction material you choose you will want to take time choosing the pool contractor with whom you will work. Interview and ask for estimates from more than one. Compare the estimates apples to apples and go with the pool contractor who has the best references and experience. Don’t forget to ask about what it will cost for pool maintenance and upkeep once the project has been completed. You will need to budget for maintenance as well as increases to your home utility bills.