Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors in Fort Worth, Texas answer the question, “what kind of pool finish should you get?” regularly from their clients. There are myriad types of pool finishes available to pool owners today. They range from standard white plaster to multi-colored tile or pebble finishes to any number of combinations in between.

The finish you ultimately choose will put the finishing touch on your pool and give it its own unique flair. How will you choose which finish to choose for yoru swimming pool? It’s a personal, and a budgetary, decision.

What kind of pool finish should you get?

Your pool contractor from Seahorse Pools & Spas will work with you to help you determien which type of pool finish is ideal for the look you want for your home and pool, the durability of the pool finish. Your options include:

  1. Pool tiles. This is the traditional finish and can provide a highly customizable finish to the pool depending on the color and texture and unique designs they can have stamped into them that you can have installed. The main advantage of pool tiles is they are durable and low maintenance.
  2. Pool liner. You may not think of the pool liner as being a pool finish, but the liner can add intrigue and interest as well as beauty to the swimming pool. With properly maintained and balanced pool chemistry, the pool liner will last for decades.
  3. Pool plaster. From traditional white plaster to colored plaster to plaster with quartz or other aggregate materials added can amp up the beauty of the pool even when you’re using a traditional finish like plaster. Pool plaster will need to be acid washed occasionally to refresh the look and color of it.

When you’re renovating your swimming pool or having a new pool project constructed there are many decisions you will be faced with, and each decision will feed upon one another until you have the complete project planned out. Your pool contractor will walk you through the entire project to help assure you get the pool of your dreams.