The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs, Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors explain

We’re at that stage of the year when summer is in the rear view mirror and when we are looking at long, cool — if not downright cold — winter months ahead. What’s a water lover to do? The contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas explain the health benefits of hot tubs and offer some reasons why you can still enjoy a water filled outdoor structure year-round. If you don’t have a hot tub, now might be the time to consider investing in one.

Why? Because of the health benefits of hot tubs

  1. The weightlessness of the water makes your body buoyant and that helps relax your muscles and even lower your blood pressure. The massaging jets and the heated water will relieve stress and may help you fall asleep faster. The change in the temperature when you get out of the hot tub may bring with it a wave of soothing comfort that could help you drift off more quickly.
  2. The massaging jets are beneficial for your nerves and muscles. The water’s buoyancy coupled with the heated water and massaging jets will take pressure off your joints. The Arthritis Foundation says the use of heat therapies, such as a hot tub soak, helps your muscles relax, decreases joint pain and improves your ability to perform daily activities.
  3. Sinking beneath the surface of the heated, bubbling water in the cool of winter will be a luxury beyond compare.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hot tub or spa, what are you waiting for? Put together a budget for your project then find a swimming pool or spa contractor in the Fort Worth, Texas area to work with to help bring your hot tub project to fruition. We can help you decide where to place it, what kind and style to invest in and we can work with you to keep the water maintained and the hot tub in top operating condition.