You recycle. You use reusable bags at the grocery store. You have always wondered if it’s possible to own a pool and be environmentally-friendly. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas say it’s easier than you think to have an eco-friendly pool.

Not many people are aware that you can be a swimming pool owner and be eco-friendly but it is possible and could be easier than you ever imagined. Many pool owners, in recent years, have come to realize the potentially devastating impact a pool can have on the environment and how negative it can be to swim in the chemical-laden pools. BUT people still want the benefits and enjoyment that come from being a pool owner and we can help! You CAN have it all!

It’s easier than you think to have an eco-friendly pool

What can you do to have a swimming pool that uses fewer chemicals and has less of a negative impact on the environment?

  1. “Heat” with a solar cover (or use solar pool heaters)
  2. Convert to a salt-water chlorinator
  3. Treat the pool with its chemicals once the sun goes down — there will be less evaporation of the chemicals and you may need to use less of them.
  4. Always use a pool cover. It cuts back on cleaning time and helps slow the rate of evaporation
  5. Use energy-efficient equipment. The up front cost is realized in savings over the long run

Talk with us about eco-friendly pool service and what we can do to help you realize the dream of a more eco-friendly swimming pool. Give us a call today or talk with us the next time we pay a service visit. Your family and the environment will thank you for using more eco-friendly methods of caring for and enjoying the family pool.