Fort Worth, Texas pool service contractors answer, “Is your pool water clean?”

Swimming in a public pool, when you’re on vacation or if you live in an apartment complex may leaving you wondering, “is your pool water clean? This is especially true if you’re swimming with younger children or older adults. Many commercial pool operators work with experienced swimming pool service contractors to assure the water is clean and bacteria-free. The swimming pool service pros from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas explain if the water isn’t bacteria-free you could contract a recreational waterborne illness.  When you own your own backyard swimming pool, you still need to consider bacteria, but working with a pool contractor will keep your water clean and frankly in your own pool, you know whose germs you’re coming in contact with.

Is your pool water clean?

Here are tips to keep pool water clean and bacteria-free between service visits: swimming pool cleaning

  • Ask everyone to shower before they jump into the pool. A quick shower will remove any dead skin, deodorant, dirt or other outside contaminants. Any organic item brought into the water will upset the chemical balance and contaminate the water.
  • Urge your children to get out of the water every thirty minutes or so. You hope they won’t pee in the pool, but chances are they will! Set a time limit for them to get out the water and have them use the bathroom, grab a drink and then jump back in the water. Note, though, a little pee won’t kill anyone as the volume of pool water compared to urine from one child is vastly different.
  • Monitor pool water chemistry between pool service visits. Ask your pool contractor for a test kit and how to understand the readings.

Keeping the swimming pool clean and clear of bacteria is an important part of swimming pool ownership and that is why many pool owners leave the cleaning up to a swimming pool service professional.