Or maybe you can. Jump on the bandwagon and call your local swimming pool installation experts to escape this summer’s wrath. Meteorologists of the National Weather Service have declared the continuous drought in Texas a state of emergency. Triple-digit temperatures threaten Texans with the prospect of heat strokes as the sweltering heat is expected to proceed through October.

Heat strokes cause 400 deaths annually in the United States, with 3,442 deaths between 1999 and 2003. And as summer temperatures continue to escalate with passing years, heat strokes are expected to increase. Warning signs of an impending heat stroke include disorientation, muscle cramps and rapid breathing. Often undetected or dismissed as a simple wave of exhaustion, a person can fall into a coma or suffer brain damage.

Don’t be another statistic. Keep your family and friends cool this summer without the stress of worrying about the heat. Survive the months of sizzling Texas heat with a refreshing paradise beyond the doors of your patio, a swimming pool.

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