Whether you’re a new swimming pool owner in Fort Worth, Texas or if you’ve owned a pool for many years you may be ask yourself, is it time to hire a pool service cleaner? There are many reasons to hire a pool service contractor to care for and maintain your swimming pool — not the least of which is that you want to swim when you have free time, not clean the pool, right.

When you have your own swimming pool, coming home from a long day at work or school or even if you spend the day at home with the family, your backyard is transformed into a relaxation oasis. Your free time is valuable and if you’re spending it cleaning the swimming pool, you’re losing valuable swim time. 

Is it time to hire a pool service cleaner?

Planning to hire a swimming pool service contractor can take time and you will want to do your research.

  1. Ask for references from fellow pool owners
  2. Ask the potential pool service contractor for references from current and former clients
  3. Ask how much it will cost for him to clean and maintain your pool. Compare that to how much it costs you right now (factor in both your time and the chemicals you need to purchase and store)
  4. Ask for an onsite visit (if a pool contractor doesn’t come to see your pool, you really aren’t getting a great estimate)
  5. Will the pool contractor inspect your pool and its equipment and keep you updated on any repairs that need to be undertaken?
  6. What are the pool service contractor’s emergency hours?
  7. How often do you need to have him pay service visits and what is the price if you sign up for a summer long contract or if you use him occasionally?

The main reason pool owners hire an experienced swimming pool service contractor is to keep the pool water chemistry in balance. One chemical out of balance leads to the other chemicals working harder, or not at all, and that can lead to algae-filled or bacteria-filled water.

 A pool service contractor will: 

  1. Clean the pool
  2. Inspect the pool and its equipment
  3. Test the water chemistry
  4. Add chemicals as needed
  5. Vacuum the pool
  6. Clean it thoroughly
  7. Clean the filters and skimmer baskets

This is a minimal list of what your pool contractor will do and he will outline it on the estimate you receive.

If this is the year you will turn the pool maintenance over to a swimming pool service expert you will have more free time for swimming!