You have so many items to consider when it comes to your swimming pool project. Did you call your insurance agent before you get a swimming pool? If you haven’t already, you should. A swimming pool could impact your insurance policy and in some cases, insurance companies will not offer policies to those who get swimming pools. You certainly don’t want your homeowners insurance cancelled because you’re having the pool of your dreams built, right?

Pull out your current homeowner’s policy and see if you notice any exclusions for swimming pools. It might be there, right in the fine print. If you can’t find it, and to be completely covered, pick up the phone and call your agent. Your swimming pool contractor may have information on companies that will provide coverage to pool owners, so ask him.

Call your insurance agent before you get a swimming pool

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas explain a discussion with your homeowner’s insurance agent is in order prior to signing a contract for your new family pool. You don’t want to be surprised if you get a bill for a major increase in your premium because the new pool is considered a health risk and a liability. You will also want to make certain the pool is covered in case it gets damaged or destroyed in some way.

At its most basic, a homeowner’s insurance policy covers and protects you against:

  1. Someone suing you (your liability coverage) if they get injured on your property
  2. Damage to the home, the home’s contents and other structures on the property.

You will want to let your insurance agent know you’re geting a pool and ask what coverage the pool will have and whether you are protected against someone suing you if they get injured in or around the pool.

Here are questions to ask your insurance agent before the project starts.

  1. Will my insurance premium increase? If so, how much?
  2. Should you increase your liability coverage?
  3. Are there safety measures you can add to the pool that will help reduce the premium?
  4. How much coverage should you buy to assure the pool is covered in the “other structures” portion of the policy?
  5. Does the insurance agent require anything from the pool bulider to assure they are protected against liability if the builder is injured?

Add, “call our insurance agent” to the list if items you need to address during your pool construction project.