Home is where the pool is! That may not be the exact saying, but if you have a swimming pool you certainly know that home is where you can relax and kick back with friends and family and just enjoy a good time around the family pool. Swimming pools are getting even more use since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the country and has lead to more and more people being home, working from home and children not going to school. Is it time for a poolside gazebo? Talk with the swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas about getting a gazebo.

When you look at your pool and the outdoor living space is it everything you want it to be? Is is lacking anything? Have you ever considered adding a gazebo? A pergola or a gazebo adds ambiance and beauty to the poolside space. You can have a gazebo that is large enough to accommodate furniture or you can have one — or more — that are constructed to play host to plants, greenery and even twinkle lights.

Your gazebo can also be a beautiful way to block the view to your pool from your neighbors. If you love climbing plants such as wisteria or roses or even ivy and some succulents, a gazebo is ideal for climbing plants.

Gazebos can be constructed in many shapes – round, hexagonal, octagonal or square — choose your favorite shape and the one that fits best in with the existing landscape.

Is it time for a poolside gazebo?

What can your gazebo look like? It can have a wooden floor or be paved with decorative tiler. You could certainly put your gazebo on a concrete slab, but many people are looking to elevate the gazebo and choose different flooring than concrete.

If you’re looking for something less elaborate, consider a pergola. A pergola is a series of horizontal timbers or wooden beams, supported by brick or stone pillars. They can also be built of timber over a paved floor or grass. A pergola is more than a self-contained structure and great for climbing plants. The sides of pergolas are usually open although the climbing greenery can give it the appearance of being an enclosed space.

A pergola can be a destination or a pass-through to get to other areas of the backyard, pool or spa.

Pergolas and gazebos are traditionally less expensive than a pool house, so talk with us and let’s see what your budget is and why you want the structure so you can get the structure you truly want.