One of the biggest and constant ongoing costs that face pool owners is the cost of keeping the swimming pool full. How to drought-proof your pool is something the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas have been explaining to their customers. Texas has been hit with a lot of triple-digit days and that takes a toll on the pool water levels. Also, when the water evaporates, so too do the chemicals and that means you need to keep adding water, and chemicals and testing to assure the balances are in line.

We have tips to conserve water and save money on chemicals as well.

How to drought-proof your pool

  1. Use a pool cover to slow the rate of evaporation.
  2. When you test the water and note there is a high level of undissolved solids that could mean the chemicals aren’t their job to keep the water clean — because of differing water levels.
  3. A clarifier and phosphate remover will improve the water quality.
  4. Operate pool equipment after the sun goes down and during the overnight as a way to save money.
  5. Add pool chemicals after the sun goes down to slow the rate of their evaporation
  6. If you’re heating the water — which you may not be during a heat wave, if you lower the temperature a degree or two will save a lot of water.
  7.  The use of a pool cover — yes we mention it twice because it is that important — is your best way to drought-proof your pool

When you work with a swimming pool service contractor he or she can give you other, more in depth ways to keep the water levels in the pool in line without having to continually fill the pool. And yes, we know, when you’re in the water with your friends and family splashing the water out is going to happen and you probably can’t prevent that — and maybe you shouldn’t — enjoy and worry about refilling it later.