If you have ever seen an infinity swimming pool or a vanishing edge pool you know how dramatic they are. These pools appear to have water from one side simply cascading off the edge of the pool. In fact, it looks as though the pool only has three solid sides! Is an infinity pool right for you? There is no right or wrong but if you have a “yard with a view” then you just might want an infinity swimming pool.

These pools aren’t limited to the homes of movie stars and high end resorts. While they may be a more expensive option than other pool types, you will find they aren’t as out of reach as you might think. Private pool owners who know their yard or the view beyond the pool is stunning and opting for this type pool to bring the WOW factor to the entire space.

Infinity pools are also called:

  1. Negative edge
  2. Zero edge
  3. Vanishing edge

The view that your infinity pool will look over can add to the pool’s effect and make it appear to be larger than it is and that your yard is larger than it is.

 Is an infinity pool right for you?

Are you wasting water with an infinity pool? Absolutely not! The water flows over the side of the pool into a collection or catch basin. The water is caught and circulated back into the swimming pool. No water lost.

The catch basic can either be invisible or it can be circulated into another pool type space that you can view from your yard. The way in which the water is collected is your personal choice. You can either see it, or not. Regardless of where the catch basin, is you will want it to be designed in a way that if you’re walking around the yard you don’t come upon a catch basic. Your pool contractor can design the catch basin in a way that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

If you have a yard you believe would be ideal for a vanishing edge swimming pool, give the contractors from Seahorse Pool & Spa Service in Fort Worth, Texas a call and let’s get the process started!