Is the pool filter working properly? It’s not something you most likely ask yourself, right? You rely on the services, skills and expertise of your swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools & Spas. Your pool contractor will check and inspect the pool filter and will notice whether it’s working as it should be.

There are some ways in which you will notice the filter may not be working at its peak. Those indications could be:

  1. It’s loud
  2. The water is cloudy
  3. The water just isn’t as clear of debris as it should be

If you’re a DIYer with your pool maintenance, that is great! But if you don’t quite understand the inner workings of your pool filter and whether it’s working as well as it should, you can give us a call and we can pay a service visit to check it out.

A properly working filter is crucial to the safety and clarity of the pool or hot tub water.

Is the pool filter working properly?

Here are ways to check whether the pool filter is doing its job.

  • Do you notice water around the filter? A leaking pool filter means trouble! If it’s a slow leak you may not even have noticed until there is a puddle under it. If you notice leaks, check for holes in the tank or pipes. Check the o-rings to assure they aren’t cracked or broken.
  • Do you notice dirt particles on the bottom of the pool floor? If you see sand or dirt it could be that the filter is backwashing into the pool A broken pipe could lead to sand or sediment landing in the pool water.
  • Is the filter water pressure remaining constant? Do you know what the filter water pressure is or what it should be? Make a note of what it needs to be (write it right on the filter) then pay attention to it regularly to assure it’s not dropping or increasing — as both are problematic. Check for clogs or blocked lines. Empty the basket. Check the return valve to assure it’s completely open.

If you notice any of these issues or other water issues that you aren’t certain what they mean or why they’re happening, give us a call. We can pay a trouble shooting service visit.