Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas talk with pool owners about investing in pool covers and they do get asked regularly, “is a pool safety cover worth the investment?” There are several points to consider when asking yourself that; the biggest one being are there children or pets in the household that you want to keep out of the pool?

There are many types of swimming pool covers: solar, safety, those that cover to keep debris out of the water. They perform essentially the same function — protecting the pool water from debris, but they can also combine other benefits — heating the water, keeping children and pets safer. The most expensive swimming pool cover is the safety cover. A safety cover can be worth its weight in gold if it prevents a drowning.

Is a pool safety cover worth the investment?

When you’re putting together your pool budget whether for a new construction, remodel or to invest in accessories, here are reasons to consider a safety swimming pool cover:

  1. A solid safety cover is the safest, but it is too heavy for most people to easily lift on and off. You may need to invest in a pool cover lifter if this is the cover you choose.
  2. A mesh safety cover is porous, safe and much lighter to put on and take off. A disadvantage to this cover is because it’s mesh, dirt and debris fall into the water.

If you wonder how diligent you will be struggling to put on and take off a pool cover, you may need to budget for an automatic cover lifter. At the push of a button, you can open and close the cover and this will increase the chances you will be diligent in using it.

A pool safety cover enhances the safety of your swimming pool, but as a responsible swimming pool owner you need to protect children and pets.