Now that summer is over and the time you and your family are spending in the swimming pool is waning, it’s the best time to talk with a Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool contractor about how to get ready for a pool remodeling project. There are many reasons for a pool remodel and a couple of them include:

  1. Just wanting something new
  2. Needing to upgrade pool equipment to more energy efficient models
  3. Wanting to make repairs and add accessories

Keep in mind that a pool remodeling project can take as long and be as involved as a new pool construction. That’s why it’s best to wait until after you’re done swimming for the season to begin the project — you don’t want to lose valuable pool time, do you? The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas work with pool customers to help make the remodeling project smooth and easy.

How to get ready for a pool remodeling project

  1. Before you start any type of project, take time and choose your pool contractor carefully.  Meet with him, have him come to your home and help you understand the scope of the project and talk with his references. A pool builder you trust, and one with a proven record, is the biggest step in your project.
  2. An experienced pool remodel professional will clearly communicate through all steps of the process, the timelines and completion dates. He can also help you work within your renovation budget and help you narrow down those projects that are necessary for stellar pool performance as well as those items that you simply must have for your project.
  3. Prior to your builder putting a shovel in the ground, you will have to apply for building permits. Your contractor should understand the process and will help with paperwork. All municipalities require building permits for construction and renovation.

Because the swimming pool is likely the focal point of your backyard space, you need to make it as beautiful as possible! Are you going to addressed discolored or cracked tiles? Do you want a new deck? What does your outdoor living space look and feel like?

Prepare an idea of your pool vision and talk with us so we can help make it happen. If you want to deepen the pool or change its shape, or add or enhance the landscaping theme of your yard, having a vision in mind will help it come to life.  Cut out photos of what you want your finished project to look like so you can more clearly explain it to the contractor. The more clearly you articulate your vision the better the outcome.

After you’ve determined the scope of your project you will need to address pre-construction items that might include having a surveyor stake out property lines.