The importance of clean pool water may seem like a no-brainer, but it is not as easy to achieve as the novice swimming pool owner may think. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools % Spas in Fort Worth, Texas work with pool owners to either perform the maintenance and service on their behalf or they can give you a lesson pool maintenance if you’re a DITer.

Just as you wouldn’t swim in dirty bath water or wash your dishes in a sink full of dirty dishes, you certainly don’t want to immerse yourself in a swimming pool full of potentially dirty water or water that is teeming with bacteria and debris.

The importance of clean pool water

The cleanliness of the pool water is achieved in ways that include the addition of chemicals, the testing of the pool water to assure the chemicals are in balance, skimming debris, vacuuming the pool, brushing it to remove algae and bacteria from the walls and floor, emptying the skimmer basket and more.

Not all swimming pool contaminants are visible to the naked eye. Many bacteria are too small that they are “invisible” but they can certainly wreak havoc if you have a compromised immune system or even an open cut. If you have a fear of swimming in water that just isn’t clean, work with a pool maintenance contractor who can keep the pool water clean on your behalf.

  • You need to maintain proper pool water chemical balances. If the chemical balances are “off” the bacteria can take hold. This doesn’t mean you want to add too many chemicals because that is just going to lead to dry skin, itchy red eyes and could potentially damage your pool equipment. You can buy a water test kit and decipher the readings on your own or you can work with a pool contractor or you can even take water samples to the nearest pool contractor and he can decipher them for you.
  • Use a pool cover to keep outside contaminants from getting into the water. A pool cover should be considered a must-have not a nice-to-have pool accessory.
  • Ask those who use the pool to take a quick shower before they jump in. It is a practice undertaken when you’re at a public pool to remove outside contaminants, so why not implement the practice at your home?
  • Remove debris as soon as you see it has fallen into the water. Again, diligent use of a pool cover will protect the water.

Diligent water chemical testing, cleaning and chemical adding will keep your pool water safe and free of bacteria. If you’re new to pool ownership or if you’ve owned a pool for years and simply don’t want to devote your free time to cleaning the pool, give us a call.