We want a swimming pool! Now let’s go swimming! Wait a second! There is a lot of background work that needs to be done before you start swimming! How to start a pool building project is something the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas talk with potential pool owners all the time.

There are so many things you will need to consider as it relates to price, placement, construction material, pool accessories, pool heating, pool covers, pool access and building permits for the project. 

How to start pool building project

Before you start a pool project you need to find a pool contractor! 

  1. Talk with friends
  2. Talk with neighbors
  3. Go online and do a search for potential pool contractors
  4. Set up an appointment to talk with one
  5. Request estimates

Once you have narrowed down your choice of pool contractor the fun can begin! Make certain he knows, up front, what your budget is. Make sure you also budget for ongoing maintenance as well as increases in your utility bills once the pool is complete.

Here are a few things that will be done to assure your pool is a place of enjoyment for decades to come!

  1. Draw a bird’s eye sketch of your property, putting in trees, house, outside equipment, driveway, sidewalks, etc. Sketch where you’d like to locate the pool. Draw in landscaping you’d add around the pool and what your outdoor living space will accommodate. Your pool contractor can definitely show you a bird’s eye view and play around with pool placement before a shovel goes into the ground.
  2. Also, before a shovel goes into the ground, you will need to check local zoning laws to understand any unique zoning requirements for a pool in your backyard. While you’re doing this, check with your insurance agent to see if there are any issues with having a pool in your backyard as it relates to your insurance coverage.
  3. Chart weather patterns in your yard. How does the sun fall over where the pool may be placed? What are the wind patterns? What kind of shade trees do you have and what kind of shadows will they cast on your pool?
  4. Are there any electrical lines that may cross the pool? How about any tree branches? What are the electrical needs and plumbing needs to run both of these utilities to the pool?  

Ask your friends and family what kind of questions they asked their pool contractor before they signed a contract. Ask them what they wish they would have known before the project that they didn’t realize until it got underway. Find a pool contractor who is responsive to your questions and your needs and the project will move along smoothly.