Quick, and not a trick, question. Do you want to know how to save money on your pool this summer? The swimming pool contractors form Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas know that having a pool can be an expensive undertaking.

They also know there are steps all pool owners can take to have a swimming pool that is more budget-friendly than you may have ever imagined. You don’t have to skimp, either to save money on your pool upkeep, maintenance and care, this summer.

We’ve put together a list of information for swimming pool and spa owners along with tips and money-saving pool measures.

How to save money on your pool this summer

  • Are you in the beginning phases of a construction project? If so, ask us about installing four-inch ridged insulation. This will reduce heat loss and save money.
  • Do you just use the hot tub on the weekends? If so, get a programmable thermostat and turn the heat lower when you’re not using it and turn it up a few hours before you’re ready for a soak. Don’t drop the temperature too low or it will take longer and cost more to heat. Just lower the temperature by about ten degrees.
  • When the swimming pool fencing is being installed or if you’re planting a hedge or a gazebo or other outdoor structure, consider the way the wind blows across the pool and put the structure there. Anything that acts as a wind break will lower the rate of evaporation and save on water refills.
  • The most healthful swimming temperature for pool water is considered 78 degrees. If you lower the water temperature to that level and find it comfortable, keep it there and save money.
  • Have the pool equipment inspected prior to the pool opening to assure it’s in proper working order. If you’re going to upgrade and update equipment, opt for high energy efficiency equipment. The money you pay up front will be reaped in savings over the long run.
  • Don’t backwash the filter more than necessary — it is a huge money waster.
  • Keep your pool covered when not in use to minimize heat loss. We cannot stress this enough as a money-saving measure.

These are just a few of our favorite money-saving swimming pool tips. Ask us about others when we pay a service visit.