There are many reasons that swimming pool and hot tub owners in Fort Worth, Texas want to move away from using so many chemicals in their lives and that means in the swimming pool, too. How to clean the pool water without chlorine is something the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas work with their customers to achieve.

Chlorine has been the traditional chemical of choice for cleaning swimming pools. There are other alternatives and there are many reasons why pool and hot tub owners want to move away from using chlorine.

How to clean pool water without chlorine

An allergy, dry skin, red eyes or just a desire to live a more chemical-free life are leading the charge toward chlorine-free pool cleaning.

Here are a few alternatives to talk with us about if you want to clean your pool water without chlorine.

Bromine. This is a sanitizer, that isn’t completely different from chlorine, but it is an alternative to those who suffer chlorine allergies. Bromine is typically mixed with chlorine; this means you can use smaller amounts of chlorine to keep the pool water clean.

Natural pools. These pools are cleaned by filtering the water with aquatic plants. The pool you swim in is contructed next to an adjacent small body of water that houses the plants. The plants filter the water, removes impurities and then the water is filtered back to the pool you swim in.

Ozonator systems inject ozone gas into the water, the gas reacts with impurities and eradicates them. You can have an ultraviolet light or a corona discharge ozonator.

PHMB is a compound that doesn’t lead to oxidation. It is essentially adding hydrogen peroxide and an algaecide to the water to keep it free of impurities.

Salt chlorination systems, while not completely chlorine free, uses table salt in a salt water chlorination system. The salt is converted to chlorine and the water is cleaned of impurities. Salt water fans say using this system makes their skin feel silky because the water is “softened.”

Talk with us if you want to move from a chlorine cleaned swimming pool and let’s see which system will work best for your lifestyle, budget and pool upkeep skills.