Swimming pool ownership is more within reach than many potential swimming pool owners in Fort Worth, Texas may think. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas offer suggestions on how to pay for your 2020 pool project to help your family realize its dream of a staycation spot in the backyard!

Owning a swimming pool is a challenge and a joy — more joy than challenge, that’s for sure. Of course when you own a swimming pool you need to take on the task of pool maintenance and upkeep as well as the responsibility of keeping everyone in the household safe if they’re in and around the pool.

Paying for a swimming pool means paying for the construction as well as the upkeep and maintenance as well as the increase in utilities you will experience.

Choose your swimming pool contractor wisely and you will have an amazing experience with the pool construction and beyond. A pool is a major investment — sometimes it is one of the biggest many homeowners make — beyond the home purchase itself and you need to make certain you get the best bang for your buck and a pool that will be with you for decades to come.

How to pay for your 2020 pool project

What are some of the aspects of planning for and paying for your 2020 swimming pool project to consider? Here are a few:

  • Set your budget. Until you know how much you can afford to pay, upfront or over a period of time if you take out a loan you can’t really decide on what size, shape, style, construction material and amenities you can afford for your pool. Get your budget in place, talk with a pool contractor to get an estimate for the pool maintenance and upkeep as well as an estimate on potential utility increases.
  • Once your budget is set, choose the size and shape of the pool as well as the building material for it. Understand the pros and cons of each type of construction material and make the most informed choice.
  • Pool accessories like slides, diving boards, heaters, automatic pool covers, sun shelves, a deck, the safety fence and other safety equipment are all part of what must be factored into the pool budget.
  • Don’t skimp on the quality of the pool equipment because high efficiency, energy-saving equipment will save you thousands over the course of the lifetime of the pool.
  • Talk with your insurance agent to see what the potential increases in your homeowner’s insurance will be. Be prepared for some insurance companies to say they will not cover a pool or the liability that comes with it.
  • There are costs associated with construction permits and licensing the municipality in which you live may charge. Look for a pool contractor who will walk you through the permitting maze.
  • Understand what is part of the overall construction of the pool and what might be add-on pricing you may not have considered. Ask questions until you have a clear and thorough understanding of every potential cost for the pool.

Having your pool budget firmly in mind will help assure you that you will get a pool you can happily afford and will also be the pool of your dreams at the same time.