When we pay a service visit you may want to ask us, “do you need a new pool cover?” The reasons for needing a new pool cover are varied, but using a pool cover is an ideal way to protect the pool, keep it cleaner between service visits and as an additional layer of safety for your Fort Worth, Texas pool.

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas, and other pool maintenance professionals are considered essential employees and are cleaning, opening and maintaining swimming pools. We follow all CDC recommendations, social distancing and won’t put your family at risk.

Do you need a new pool cover?

Swimming pool covers, while sometimes may be an annoyance to put on and take off, are an investment you should make in your pool and here’s why.

  1. The water will stay cleaner.
  2. It will take us a shorter time to clean the pool if it’s not loaded with debris.
  3. If you heat the water you will save money if you’re trapping the heat.
  4. Your pool will lose less water through evaporation if you use a cover.
  5. It is an additional layer of safety.
  6. You will have to spend less time skimming the pool before you swim.
  7. You can invest in a solar cover and that will heat the water and won’t cost you anything
  8. Ask us about automation for your pool cover as it will make it easier to get on and off
  9. Ask us to inspect the pool cover when we remove it for the season to see if it will get you through another season.
  10. Clean the pool cover at least a couple of times during the summer months to remove built up chemicals and any bacteria or algae spores.

Budget for a swimming pool cover during the pool construction conversations. Looking for a new pool this summer or want to remodel your existing pool? Give us a call and let’s get started!