If it’s time to hit the pool, you don’t want to have to worry about whether the water is clean, right? The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas can tell you how to keep your swimming pool water bacteria-free — in fact they can take that task off your hands. When you want to swim, you can swim and not have to spend your free time cleaning the pool!

When you hire a pool contractor, you free up your free time for swimming and will only have to do minimal between-service clean up and skimming of the water.

How to keep your swimming pool water bacteria-free

Swimming pool owners who hire a pool service contractor still should know what goes into pool maintenance so you can be an educated pool owner! Also, if you ever need to jump in and care for the pool you will have a basic understanding of what needs to be done.

  1. The skimmer is your friend! Use the skimmer to quickly and easily remove floating debris. It takes a few seconds and can be done before you swim. Or, be diligent in the use of the pool cover and you won’t have to skim as often.
  2. The pool contractor will use a brush specifically made for the type pool material you have and will brush the walls, floor and clean behind the stairs and steps to remove any bacteria or algae spores before they cause any problems.
  3. The pool vacuum will be used once the pool has been brushed. There are vacuums that you can drop into the pool and they will do their job much like an indoor robotic vacuum and remove loose dirt and debris and those are ideal for between pool contractor visits.
  4. The tile and brush and soap kit are used to clean away any stains from the pool tiles. This is a task you can do yourself or ask your pool contractor to schedule in time to do that when he pays a visit.
  5. The water test kit. This is an important pool tool that every pool owner should have and have a basic understanding of the readings. If you understand the readings, you can tell when they are getting out of balance and you can call for a service visit or if you understand the chemistry you can add the necessary chemicals.

When you become a swimming pool owner ask your pool contractor for a quick training on how to clean and maintain the pool. You will also want to know what the proper readings on the pump and filter are and how to check the controls to assure the pool pump and filter are running as often as they need to to keep the water clean and clear.