Having a swimming pool constructed is an amazing way to enjoy time spent at home. How landscaping enhances the swimming pool is another way to get the most of the time spent at home — during the coronavirus shut down — and on the weekends or to have a staycation.

The swimming pool contractors in Fort Worth, Texas — Seahorse Pools & Spas — work with their customers to have a pool constructed, hot tubs added and landscaping and outdoor living areas designed.

When you’re planning a new swimming pool project or a pool remodeling project you will want to consider the type of landscaping you will have as part of the project. Landscaping includes:

  1. Trees
  2. Shrubbery
  3. Moveable plants
  4. Gazebo
  5. Outdoor kitchen
  6. Pool house
  7. Seating area,
  8. more

Regardless of whether you have the entire project done at one time or if you space items and construction out over time, it’s best to design it all now then work on it when you can. Seeing the entire layout helps with future design plans and helps assure a cohesive look.

How landscaping enhances the swimming pool

What will you want to talk with us about when planning the pool construction project or an upgrade and update to your landscaping? Here are a few items.

  • What do you like in a landscape? Minimal? Lush like a rainforest? Mixed media — rocks, trees, lighting? Secluded area that doesn’t even look like you have a pool? Know your unique tastes then design from that foundation.
  • Choose your plants based on where you live and how much watering and upkeep you want to perform. It makes no sense to plant a type of plant or tree you love if the conditions where you live are too harsh to support it.
  • Don’t plant items that will lure in bees or birds.
  • When you design your swimming pool and outdoor living space you will want to consider how much green space you want left and how much space you want the pool to take up.

We are working with customers and have been through out the COVID-19 pandemic to design swimming pools and to help people get the pools of their dreams. Give us a call whether you want a new pool, a remodeling project or to upgrade your outdoor space.