Are you thinking that Valentine’s Day is too cold to plan an outdoor event? Maybe — depending on where you live! We have tips on how to host Valentine’s Day pool party that you may want to think about. Even if you live somewhere where it is still going to be winter — you can get creative and give your guests (even if it’s just you and your significant other ) a warm, fuzzy cozy blanket — how about a red, and white and heart designed heated one?

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas can be called upon to open your pool for the season and to give if a good cleaning and maintenance visit in case you want to swim. You may even want to have a pool heater added as a Valentine’s gift… something to think about!

If the weather is warm enough where you live you will want to call us to schedule a pre-party and a post-party Valentine’s Day pool party cleaning. If you have a larger than normal swimmer load because of the party it can quickly throw the chemical balance out of line.

How to host Valentine’s Day pool party

Valentine’s Day will be the theme of the party and that will lend itself to using red, white, hearts and other pink and white colors in the decorations. You can pick up heart shaped balloons and other decorations to add to the outdoor living space.

Burn red and white and pink candles. If the pool is open and you have in pool lighting, consider turning the lights to a romantic hue.

Choose a menu. Depending on who will be at the party you may want to opt for romantic foods like oysters and chocolate dipped strawberries! Maybe a fondue will be fun for you and your significant other and even your guests. Remember, though in this coronavirus era you would want to have each guest or pod of guests have their own fondue pot — it may be cost intensive, but keeping everyone safe is the aim.

Decide whether you will be using the outdoor space and if it’s chilly, use heated blankets (as mentioned). Invest in outdoor space heaters. Serve hot chocolate or spiced hot cider and a dash of rum!

With all of the partying, your pool will need maintenance but don’t fret, we’ve got you covered, before and after the party!