A swimming pool construction project will likely be one of the second biggest investments most people will make in their lifetimes — second for most only to their family home. When you’re spending that kind of money you will want to ensure you’re getting the most and best pool for your money. How to hire the best pool contractor in Texas is something that the swimming pool contractors from Fort Worth, Texas want their customers to know how to do.

Hiring the best pool contractor for the construction as well as for the ongoing service and maintenance is necessary to protect the investment you’ve made in your pool. Besides, the better the project is up-front and the better you care for it, the longer your investment will last.

How to hire the best pool contractor in Texas

We have put together a checklist of items to consider and ask a potential pool contractor about when you’re gathering information for your project.

  1. Get multiple quotes. It may seem like a lot of work to gather more than one quote, but you definitely don’t want to take the first quote you receive nor do you want to take the cheapest quote that you receive. Gather your quotes, then compare them. If you see discrepancies or don’t understand something — ask.
  2. Research your potential pool contractor and see what kind of reviews his or her business has on a Google search. Do they have any complaints filed against them.
  3. Make sure they have the proper licenses and insurance to work properly and safely where you live.
  4. Ask for references. Don’t just ask for them and walk away — ask for them and check them out.
  5. Get everything in writing. Don’t leave anything up to chance or up to interpretation. If it isn’t in writing, you can pretty much rest assured it won’t happen and you won’t have any recourse.
  6. Pay attention to the payment schedule. If your potential pool contractor requires payment in full, up front, run away and don’t look back. Your contract should specify payments at when milestones have been met and you have approved it.
  7. Ask about warranties and guarantees. Some of these will come from the pool contractor and his company others will come from the manufacturer. Know who is providing the guarantee/warranty and how you would call upon it if needed.

Getting a swimming pool is an exciting time, but take your time and do your research. Give us a call today if you’re looking to become a swimming pool owner this summer.