Automatic swimming pool cleaners can: keep your pool water cleaner, may help lower your pool maintenance bill and saves you time! How to choose an automatic pool cleaner that is best for your pool is something you will want to talk with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas about when we pay a service visit.

There are two main types of automatic pool cleaners and they are:

  1. Pressure cleaners
  2. Suction cleaners

Both of these styles are effective at getting dirt and debris from the walls and floor of your pool, but they do work differently.

The type of cleaning you will be asking of the pool cleaner will help determine which model you get. Will you be cleaning:

  1. Dirt or sand
  2. Trees and leaves
  3. Pine needles
  4. Grass clippings
  5. Nuts, and more?

Know what type of debris your pool is subject to and you will be better able to make a choice on the type of auto cleaner to invest in.

How to choose an automatic pool cleaner

A suction cleaner is reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner you’d use in your house. These cleaners are powered by the swimming pool pump and will move around the pool walls and floors and suck up dirt and debris.

A suction cleaner is best suited for a pool that is subject to: dust, dirt and pollen. Arizona pool owners might benefit from a suction cleaner because of the dust storms the area sees.

Suction cleaners are considered more affordable and energy-efficient than pressure cleaners.

 A pressure cleaner has a wheel, a filter bag and a sweeper hose. This model is best for cleaning up organic, larger debris like leaves. A pressure cleaner, just like an automatic cleaner, will need a dedicated line in the swimming pool for its cleaning.

Pressure cleaners collect vacuumed material in a storage compartment and will need to be emptied when full. A pressure cleaner may require a booster pump to help it operate more effectively — this makes this model not as energy efficient as an automatic cleaner.

If you’re considering an automatic cleaner for your pool, ask us about it when we pay a service visit.