If you make any “mistakes” when having your family’s swimming pool constructed, it could be costly and it could mean you have to live with a pool you simply don’t love. How to avoid pool construction mistakes is something the  swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools know you want to avoid and it is something they assure won’t happen when you work with them.

They offer tips, in case you’re working with a different swimming pool contractor for your project to help you avoid any costly mistakes.

 How to avoid pool construction mistakes

  1. Choose the “right” design. This means the BEST design for your family, your budget, your lifestyle and your yard space. The right design is what you and your family want. Don’t be swayed into a design that you don’t want — unless there is no way possible to have the pool design of your dreams in the yard space you have available… then you will need to be reasonable and make accommodations.
  2. If you have the budget for an above ground pool but really want an in ground pool, chances are you won’t be completely happy with the above ground model. Save your money and build up your budget until you can get the pool of your dreams.
  3. Gain a full understanding of the various types of pool construction materials available and make your decision based on having all of the facts. You will want to consider costs, durability, upkeep and maintenance costs as well as any other pros and cons of each type.
  4. Rushing into hiring a pool contractor without doing your homework to assure he is the right company for your project. You need to hire a contractor who can give you the pool of your dreams, at a price you have budgeted for and who has the experience to build the project that you’re hoping for. Don’t rush into signing a contract and don’t be pressured into signing.
  5. As our mom used to say, “don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.” This means don’t save money that will only end up being detrimental to your pool project. Invest in the highest quality material and the highest energy rated equipment possible. Weight the upfront costs with the return on your investment.

We know you’re excited about your swimming pool project, but don’t rush into it and have buyer’s remorse later. Take your time. Be methodical. Enjoy the pool of your dreams!