Did you remember to turn the pool pump off? Did you even remember to turn the pool pump on? If so, did you do it today or was it yesterday? We know there is a myriad of ways how timers make pool care easier and taking the “did I or didn’t I” question out of the equation makes pool care less stressful!

The swimming pool contractors in Fort Worth, Texas who work at Seahorse Pools & Spas tell their customers that adding a timer to pool equipment is well worth the money to have it done. Timers ensure filters, heaters and pumps and other equipment turns on and off at specified times. When you run the pump and filter overnight or when you’re at work, maintenance is less of an issue as is the “did I turn that on?” that many pool contractors deal with.

If you set your pool timer to turn on lights or fountains you can set the mood and heighten the ambiance around your swimming pool before you even jump in.

Talk with us when we pay a service visit or just give us a call and let’s talk about the various options available for timers and their benefits and price points. Many timers have smartphone apps that will let you control it from your phone and can even send alerts to let you know it’s done its job.

How timers make pool care easier

There are electrical timers, battery-operated timers and even twist timers — like an egg timer — that can be used with your pool and hot tub. Twist timers are ideal to set and let you know when you’ve been soaking in the hot tub long enough!

If you can already see the benefits of a timer, give us a call and let’s talk about the best timer for your needs and about the installation of that for you. If you’re a DIYer with a knowledge of electricity you may be able to wire the timer yourself, if not, have a professional do it for you.