Do you have stress in your life? That wasn’t a trick question. Most people do have stress whether from work, money, family, relationships and being stuck in traffic. How can swimming alleviate stress? If that is a question you have often wondered about, the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas have some advice and insight into this question.

Reducing stress in your swimming pool may mean you give the service and maintenance over to a pool professional. If lack of free time is a stressor, then you don’t want to spend that precious free time cleaning the pool, do you? You may find that not having to worry about maintenance will alleviate a stress in your life immediately.

How can swimming alleviate stress?

  1. A better night’s sleep just might be had when you swim before bedtime. If the sun has gone down and you’re swimming slow laps in the pool under the stars you are starting a ritual that might lead to better sleep.
  2. Physical activity helps reduce stress. Swimming is a great physical activity that won’t lead to any bone or joint injuries because swimming is a no-impact workout.
  3. When you swim you can reduce pain. Even individuals suffering from arthritis find that swimming helps loosen tight muscles and that swimming doesn’t add to any pain. Diabetics also find relief from foot pain and other diabetic-related complications when swimming.
  4. Diabetics and pre-diabetics benefit from swimming because it can lower blood sugar levels. Any type of exercise can do this, but swimming is an ideal way to start working out if you’ve been sedentary; you can do this without the worry of injury.
  5. Swimming helps move toxins through your body and out of your body.
  6. A swim workout is an ideal full-body cardiovascular benefiting exercise.
  7. Swimming helps your skin look healthier. Swimming — an exercise of any type — will remove toxins from your skin and that will lead to it looking younger and healthier.
  8. Lung capacity increases when you swim and that is ideal for older people or anyone who may be prone to pneumonia or other breathing-related illnesses.
  9. You can lose weight while you swim. If your weight is a stress in your life, swimming can definitely help.

Here are ways to enhance the stress relief factor when you’re in the pool:

  1. Lower the lights or turn on lights to set the mood for relaxation
  2. Music or nature sounds or even white noise can help you relax while you swim
  3. Hunger and low blood sugar lead to stress so eat a light, healthy dinner before you swim.
  4. Swim long, slow strokes and long, slow laps. You’re not swimming for speed, but for relaxation
  5. Invest in a towel warmer to make it even more comfortable when you get out of the swimming pool.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the enjoyment and relaxation you feel around your pool, give us a call today.