How big should the pool be? Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors explain 

When we talk with families in Fort Worth, Texas who want to become swimming pool owners, one of the first questions, they ask is “how big should the pool be?” That is a question that doesn’t have a one size fits all because the size pool you get will depend on many factors.

How big should the pool be?

Here are some questions to answer when you’re trying to decide how big your family swimming pool should be.

  1. How many people will usually be using the swimming pool?
  2. How often will the swimming pool be used?
  3. Do you want a swimming pool that will mostly accommodate your family or do you want one large enough to accommodate dozens of people at the occasional pool party you throw?
  4. Will you be swimming laps in the pool or playing in pool games?
  5. How much deck will you have around your pool?
  6. Will you be incorporating an outdoor living space into the pool design?
  7. Do you have enough yard space to devote to a large pool? Are you willing to give up your yard space to house the pool?
  8. What are the dimensions of the yard and what are the setbacks required for construction in the area in which you live?
  9. Will you be expanding your family in the next few years or will you be looking at an empty nest soon?
  10. What kind of accessories do you want in your swimming pool? There are size requirements if you want to have a diving board or a slide. If you’re looking for a pool with a beach entry or a shallow to deep end, you will need to devote more space to it.

The budget you have to work with will also determine the size swimming pool you can ultimately invest in.