Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors explain living space upgrades to make this summer

Tax filing season has passed and the calendar has been flipped to May. That means it’s time to turn your thoughts to long, lazy days of summer and hours spent around the swimming pool, right? If you’re looking at your swimming pool and asking yourself, “what can we do to upgrade it and amp up our fun this summer?” If that is a question in your mind, here are some thoughts to talk with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas about.

Here are a few options to consider:


Give your pool lighting a good once over. Is is bright enough? Does it suit your lifestyle and your desire for night time swims? Is it outdated? If the lenses are fogged and the bulbs blow frequently, you may want to consider an upgrade to LED lights. They burn long and are energy efficient. Additionally, new lighting could allow you to change colors of the lights to really change up the aesthetics of your pool at night.

Landscapingswimming pool cleaning

Your swimming pool safety fence can be as much a part of your poolside landscaping as can the trees, shrubs and other greenery and foliage that graces the pool area. Your landscaping can be as aesthetically pleasing as your pool and can truly set the mood for it.


Do you shudder when you think about going outside and hosting a pool side barbecue? If that’s the case and if you are ready for a change, consider adding a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen set up. An outdoor kitchen, with cupboards, refrigerator and other amenities may mean you don’t have to cool a single meal in the house all summer long! Determine how you want to update and upgrade your grilling area and then put together your budget for the project.

Making it happen

A swimming pool or outdoor landscaping and upgrade project can seem daunting but we have worked with countless pool owners to make projects like these happen. Depending on what you chose to update and upgrade you may not even experience much downtime with your pool this summer. Give us a call today!