When it comes to fun in the swimming pool there are some fun swimming pool tricks you can practice with your children — even those who don’t know how to swim all that well. Make certain you’re supervising everyone and you can work on pool tricks as a family and have a friendly, fun competiion to see who masters them first!

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If you don’t know how to swim, wear a life vest and stay in the shallow end of the pool — this is important for anyone — regardless of age. If you know how to swim and want to show off, here are tricks even a beginner can do.

Fun swimming pool tricks

  • Underwater somersault. It’s a fun trick as well as a useful skill for lap swimmers. Practice in water that isn’t above your head. Bend at the waist, propel yourself forward using your arms and legs to help you spin in a circle. Picture yourself rolling down a hill in a tire to get into the headspace of your somersault. If you’re a lap swimmer you may want to incorporate this flip into your laps. Why? Because it’s fun!
  • Diving. When you dive, make certain no one in the way, that the water is deep enough and that you’re extending your arms above your head to protect yourself. To execute a clean, virtually splash-free dive takes a lot of practice and a lot of courage. Be prepared to do a few belly flops before you get it right. To practice, jump up, bend your body and aim the top of your head into the water. Your body should (hopefully, to avoid the belly flop) follow your head in a straight line into the water.
  • Underwater handstand. Practice in water that isn’t over your head when you stand. Propel your body down toward the bottom of the pool, place your hands – palms flat – on the pool floor. Keep your body straight until your feet are sticking out of the water. Ta-da!
  • It’s not a trick, but it’s fun! A Cannonball! Who doesn’t love a good cannonball? You make a big splash at any party when you do this and you can soak everyone who is relaxing poolside. It’s a win-win… for you! Any swimmer, of any age or skill level, can master the cannonball. All you need to do is jump into the water while tucking your knees up to your stomach and wrapping your arms around your legs. You will know you’ve mastered if when you hear the splash and the shrieks of everyone poolside!

Remember, when you’re practicing pool tricks, make sure someone is “spotting” and that everything is practiced in the safest manner possible. Have a no diving or no cannonball rule when the pool is full.