Fall pool maintenance tips from Fort Worth, Texas pool contractors

Autumn is in the air. The leaves are falling. Days are getting shorter. The sun isn’t as warm as it was a few weeks ago. You know that the crisp air means that autumn is right around the corner, and that will be quickly followed by winter. If you live in Fort Worth, Texas though that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to close up the pool and pack away the swim suits. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools offer these fall pool maintenance tips to help you extend your pool season.

Fall pool maintenance tips

  1. You don’t need as many chemicals to keep pool water bacteria-free in the cooler days of autumn as you do in the summer. When the temperatures decrease, your pool contractor will also be able to boyd_007decrease the chemicals in the water.
  2. Keep track of falling leaves. This means you will have to regularly skim the pool, clean out the filter and be diligent in the use of your pool cover. Leaves that fall to the bottom of the pool can lead to staining of the pool floor.
  3. Because the pool likely won’t be used as often you can probably cut back on the number of hours per day you run the pool pump. Ask us to be certain of how often it should run.

As long as your swimming pool is open and you’re using it, you will want to make certain it is continually maintained and serviced properly. We are available for the task for as many months of the year as you want to use and enjoy your swimming pool.

If you’re ready to close the pool for 2016, give us a call and schedule your pool closing appointment. A proper pool closing makes the next season’s pool opening go more smoothly and a properly closed pool will survive the winter months better.