covered poolHow to close a pool for winter, Fort Worth, Texas pool contractors explain 

Summer is over and autumn is moving into many areas of the country. In Fort Worth, Texas, even though the calendar says it’s autumn, there are still many beautiful days ahead for swimming pool owners. However, now that summer is “officially” over, do you how how to close a pool for winter? Your pool service contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas do and they work with many pool owners to assure the pool survives the winter in safety and style.

How to close a pool for winter

A swimming pool needs to be prepared for winter so it will be in top shape for next year’s warm weather. This means balancing the chemicals, lowering the water and covering the pool, among other items. Getting this done may sound complicated, but your swimming pool contractor works with pool owners to properly close the pool for the season. What they do includes:

  • Water chemistry: The chemistry of the water needs to be balanced prior to closing the pool. pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6. The water’s alkalinity should be kept at approximately 180 to 220 ppm. Additionally, your chlorine levels should stay at around 1 to 3 ppm to help keep your water balanced.
  • Thoroughly cleaned. It’s important to clean your pool before putting on the cover and closing it. Vacuum and brush and backwash the filter.
  • Water level. Your contractor will lower its water level to 4 or 6 inches below the lowest return line.
  • Care for accessories. Wash and dry pool accessories before storing them.
  • Cover it up. Cover your pool with a cover that will keep dirt, debris, rain and/or snow out of the pool.

Preparing the pool for the winter is not something that pool owners relish, but we’ve got you covered!  If giving up the water for the winter season isn’t something you want to do, consider investing in a hot tub or spa to keep the water fun going year round.