Swimming pools are expensive. Let’s just get that right out there in the open right now. To get a swimming pool that will last you and your family a lifetime you don’t want to cut corners and we caution you, don’t work with the lowest price pool contractor you find.

Yes, you may find a pool contractor and his estimates may be a few hundred dollars less than the other pool contractor and his estimates and that’s fine. If, however, you find a pool contractor whose estimates are thousands of dollars less — be skeptical. You will be getting what you pay for… in some cases, you may not even get what you paid for and you may even be out all of the money if the contractor absconds with your money without even doing the work.

When you’re looking for a pool contractor in Fort Worth, Texas make certain you talk with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spas when you’re seeking estimates.

Don’t work with the lowest price pool contractor

We don’t blame you for wanting to find the best price. We don’t even blame you when you cut coupons and shop around for the lowest price on televisions, telephone service and pool contractors, but beware if the price seems too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true… it is. There is a reason one contractor is coming in at a lower price than everyone else.

A swimming pool is a PRIME constrution project. You will be spending thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, and this is a project with a price tag that is too high to skimp on. Would you take on the lowest price kitchen remodeling contractor without really questioning why the price is so much less than everyone else? Probably not. The same holds true for your pool project.

Why would a pool contractor’s price be so much less than anyone else’s?

  1. They cut corners on items you may not even be aware of. They may say you’re getting a brand new, high quality energy efficient piece of equipment, but in fact it’s refurbished and not the quality you thought you were paying for.
  2. They don’t have the proper licensing or insurance
  3. They hire sub par sub contractors.
  4. They may use equipment with poor, or no, warranties
  5. They may skimp on the amount of materials needed. For example, your pool’s retaining wall may not be as supported as it should be because they didn’t put enough structural equipment to hold it
  6. They don’t have experience to construct the pool you’re paying for
  7. He may sell you the pool at cost. This means he won’t make much money — much profit — and he will take any job just to keep some money coming in. This means he will not be as committed to your project as he needs to be

Look for a contractor who has great referrals online and from current and past customers. Look for a contractor through word of mouth from your friends and family. Look for a contractor who has the experience to do the job you want, look for long-term value and trust your gut.