Okay, let’s talk pee. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas have had conversations with their pool owning customers about pee in the pool. No one wants to think about it, but it happens. What can you do? How about saying, don’t pee in my pool!

Sure that’s a start, but accidents happen and you need to be aware of them and you also need to tell your guests, “please don’t pee in the pool.” If it’s easy for your guests to get out and get to a bathroom, that will make pee in the pool accidents less frequent. If you have the budget you may consider building a pool house that is convenient for your guests to get out of the pool and use the restroom before getting back in the water.

Don’t pee in my pool

If guests, or your children, or you are urinating in the pool it can be dangerous for everyone else who is in the water. Even though you use pool chemicals to clean the water, that doesn’t mean that urine can’t be harmful.

  1. It’s gross. I mean, who wants to swim in pee? Even though the amount of pee compared to the amount of pool water is vastly different, no one wants that. So, just don’t.
  2. It’s rude. If your friends invite you over to swim, it’s pretty darn inconsiderate of you to think it’s okay to urinate in the pool. Use the bathroom before you get in the pool and get out if you need ot use it again. You wouldn’t want others to pee in your pool would you?
  3. Urine contains ammonia and nitrogen, when nitrogen interacts with chlorine, it can produce a toxic chemical cocktail. Chlorine binds with nitrogen and creates cyanogen chloride — something considered military grade chemicals that can have health effects on the central nervous system. Scary stuff.

How do you stop people from peeing in the pool?

  1. Make sure bathrooms are conveniently located.
  2. Urge everyone to use the bathroom before they get in the pool.
  3. Remind children every 30 minutes to get out and use the bathroom.

Accidents will happen, so you will want to make certain your pool is on a regular schedule for pool maintenance so your contractor can assure the water chemicals are in line and that you’re not swimming in a pool of urine!

Oh, remember that urban legend that if you pee in the pool it will turn color? That’s not true, but it would certainly help you spot the culprits!