Is it time to remodel your swimming pool? Can you just jump in, get started and hope for the best? Maybe not. Don’t make these pool project mistakes as they could cost you more money and they could get you in trouble with the local building and code enforcement officers. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Forth Worth, Texas can help with your pool projects.

There are many items you will want to take care of prior to your project kicking off as they could save you headaches and money in the future.

Don’t make these pool project mistakes

  • Just jumping in without getting a permit. In many areas of the country — in fact, all of them we’ll bet — you need to acquire permits before you begin any kind of remodeling project at your home.
  • Skimping on materials because labor is so costly. You will pay in the long run if you don’t invest in high quality materials. Your pool is a decades-long investment and as such you want to invest in equipment and materials that will last as long as the pool does.
  • Thinking that your remodeling project is a do it yourself project. Unless you give yourself a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 it’s best to hire a contractor to do your pool project.
  • Jumping on a trend that you didn’t thoroughly think through. The hot trend, for example, may be pink and you may like pink BUT do you want to look at a pink pool for decades? Think long and hard about trends. If you want to try out a trend, just invest in a small portion – for example, use pink sparingly and in an area that could be covered if you don’t like it — poolside furniture covers for example.
  • Not thinking about the design of your home when you design items for your pool. You may not want your pool to be a carbon copy of your home, but you may want it to be a reflection of the home style and decor.
  • Not having a firm budget in place. It is very easy to spend more than you imagined you would. Have a budget in place and then stick to it. You set a budget for a reason and that reason is so you can afford the project once it’s done.

Are you thinking of kicking off a pool project this year? What will the scope of it be? What do you need to get started (other than your budget?) Give us a call and let’s talk about your potential project.