Clean the hot tub cover

Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors in Fort Worth, Texas explain how to clean the hot tub cover. This is the time of year when hot tubs and spas are typically used most often. Because of that you will want to either clean the hot tub cover yourself or have your spa service professional clean it for you during a spa service visit.

The hot tub cover is a necessary piece of equipment for hot tub owners. Why? The cover provides protection for the water chemistry and the hot tub itself. Additionally, using a cover keeps debris from the water, shields it against the elements and keeps curious wildlife out of the heated water. The money spent on the cover is an investment you will benefit from.

Swimming pool builders know that to protect your investment — in both the tub and the cover — it must be cleaned regularly, It’s recommended that it gets a twice a month thorough cleaning.

How to clean the hot tub cover

Wash the cover, top and bottom with soap specifically made for the job. Any chemicals you use have the potential to upset the water chemistry. Because the underside of your cover is where chemicals build up because of the constant bubbling of the jets, you will want to make sure they are washed away. The chemicals you use to keep the water clean and balanced are the same chemicals that can damage the cover itself.

If if the water chemicals are properly balanced, the spa owner can prevent damage to the cover. Unbalanced chemicals harm the cover more than the exposure to the elements. Keep the zipper clean and make certain the chemicals don’t rust the zipper or it will be almost impossible to open. Work us to find a cover cleaner that contains no harsh chemicals and one specifically made for hot tub cover cleaning. Silicone or silicone-based products will harm the hot tub cover’s protective coating so they should be avoided.

The type of cover you have will also help determine the type of cover cleaner you use. Covers for hot tubs and swimming pools prolong the life of your hot tub or swimming pool and are an investment you will want to make.