Ho hum. Is that what you feel when you look at your swimming pool? If that’s the case you need to call the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas as soon as possible! We can help you choose pool water features that will have you jumping up and down for joy when you look at your swimming pool!

A water feature can transform your already-wonderful swimming pool into an awe-inspiring backyard focal point and create ambiance, lend to the family’s unique lifestyle and cause your friends and family to oohhh and aaahhh when they see your pool!

Give us a call and let’s talk water features. It can be added as part of an overall pool remodeling project or as a stand alone.

Choose pool water features

Fountain. A pool fountain — or two — adds elegance. The pool fountain can be installed on the sides of the pool to shoot water into the middle. A fountain can be installed on a beach entry. You can even add small fountain features along the sides and ends of the pool that can cool you off if you’re resting on sun shelves.

Waterfall features. You can opt for a rock waterfall feature which can tower over the top of the pool and have cascading water. A rock waterfall can also house a hidden grotto where you can escape behind the sheet of water and relax. A sheer water wall is modern and sophisitcated.

Bubble features. This accessory adds whimsy to the pool and makes it seem as though you’re in a hot tub with the bubbling jets.

Spill over spa. This is a high end accessory that incorporates a hot tub or spa into one end of the swimming pool. With a spillover spa you can swim up and into the hot tub without getting out of the pool. A spill over spa also looks as though the water is cascading off the end of the spa and into the horizon — but it’s not it’s being captured and recycled back into the hot tub. A spill over spa can also be used during the winter months when the pool has been closed.

What are you looking for in your swimming pool this summer? Are you ready to take the pool from ho-hum to WOW!? Give us a call!