Can swimming help beat cancer? There are obvious benefits of swimming and swimming pool exercise, just as there are benefits to exercise of any kind. Doctors do believe that poor diet, obesity and ingesting sugar can lead to relapses or second diagnoses of certain kinds of cancer.

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spas understand that swimming benefits your heart and increases lung capacity and it also enhanecs your carrdiovascular endurance. All of these are healthful benefits that cannot be denied. When you look at the idea that sitting is the newest and greatest cause of myriad illnesses in the United States you can see the benefits of simply getting up and getting moving, right?

When you sit you’re injuring yourself in multiple ways including your back, your bones and joints and your insulin and sugar levels can spike if you’ve eaten a meal and go back to sitting. When you eat a meal you should get up and get moving, but not many of us do that.

Can swimming help beat cancer?

A study by Macmillan Cancer Support supports the benefits of swimming as a way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Participants of the sport report experiencing a reduction in lymphoedema, a swelling that develops from build up of lymph fluid in the body’s tissues and a common side-effect from cancer surgery or radiotherapy. When you swim you’re moving toxins throughout your body and activating lymph node function.

If you’ve been inactive and your health is suffering, swimming is a way to get in shape without putting undue stress or strain on your muscles and joints. When you swim you’re not running the risk of injurying yourself as you might if you started running, jogging, biking or going to the gym and lifting weights.

When you swim you’re getting a heart healthy exercise in a low impact way and that can only benefit all aspects of your life.

If you have a swimming pool, grab the family and go out and have some fun. Your kids won’t even know they’re getting healthy!