Fort Worth, Texas pool contractors build natural pools

How to build a natural swimming pool is a question the pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas are asked by potential pool owners. Homeowners who want a swimming pool, but don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, but more importantly want to have a swimming pool that blends seamlessly into the natural landscape are looking to natural pools as the answer to that dilemma.

What is a natural swimming pool?

It is an organic, natural structure that can be designed to look like a traditional in ground pool but look more like a natural lake or pond. With a natural pool, the filtration is what sets it apart from a traditional pool. A natural swimming pool utilizes plants to filter the water and keep bacteria at bay. You can choose from a rim of aquatic plants or even have a separate pond dug that will house the plants for filtration.natural pool


Don’t fret that you will be walking on a muddy bottom in your natural pool — it’s not like swimming in a pond. The pool will be lined and smooth on your feet. You can have natural sand, clay or a plastic liner for the pool floor.

When planning your natural pool, your contractor will tell you that the retaining pond for the plant life will need to be almost the same size as the swimming area itself. The plants won’t float in the swimming area, but will be anchored in and a barrier will be constructed between the plants and the swimming area.

A natural pool will need a pump to help circulate the water. You can choose from a solar or an electric pump set up.


If you’re looking for a swimming pool, but want it to look and feel natural, ask us about the construction of a natural swimming pool.