Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. You’ve made so many since you decided to become a swimming pool owner. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors offer 7 ways to decide how big your pool should be. You’ve made a decision on where to put the pool, what construction material, what accessories and more, but what about size?

Part of the conversation we have with new swimming pool owners is to uncover how big they want their pool to be. Sometimes yard size plays a part, other times budget does, still other times, the size of the family all plays a role. It definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision.

7 ways to decide how big your pool should be

  • ¬†Will your swimming pool see a lot of activity on a regular basis? If you have a large family you may want a larger pool. If you have a small family but plan to have pool parties, you may not require a large swimming pool for the occasional party.
  • How much yard space are you willing to sacrifice for the pool? This plays a major role, especially if you don’t have a large yard to start with.
  • Is the pool going to be for fun and recreation or will you mainly use it to swim laps?
  • How much of a deck and outdoor living area do you want to surround the pool? Make sure you make allowances for that.
  • What set backs are required by your local building and code enforcement office? This may play a role, especially since you will need to have a pool fence and it cannot encroach on the neighbor’s land.
  • Will your family be expanding or will you be in an empty nest situation soon?
  • Do you want specific accessories for the pool? If you want a slide or a diving board there are strict size and depth regulations you need to plan for.

Your budget may also play a role in the size and scope of the project. Let’s talk and see what you want, what you have budgeted for and when you want to get into the pool this summer!