Pets are family. Because of that, if you own a swimming pool you will want to do what you can to keep your pets safe in and around the pool. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas have put together a list of 5 ways to keep pets safe around the pool.

When you have dogs, just as when you have children, you need to pay attention to the dogs to keep them safe at all times.

5 ways to keep pets safe around the pool

Here are five ways to ensure your dogs are as safe as the humans in the household

  1. Pool alarms keep humans and dogs safe. Look for a pool alarm that will sound an alarm if your dogs break the surface. Decide whether you want a floating or an alarm installed directly into the pool.
  2. Install safety fencing to keep the pool off limits when an adult isn’t in attendance. A fence is likely a requirement in the area of the country in which you live, just make sure the fence isn’t one your dog can wriggle through.
  3. Install a doggie ramp and teach your dog where it is and how to use us.
  4. Make sure your dog wears a doggie life vest every time he is in the water. No matter how strong a swimmer your dog is, he can get tired and a life vest will keep him safe.
  5. Take the ladder out of the pool when you’re not swimming — this is for above ground pool owners.

Don’t force your dog into the water. Not all dogs like to, or want to swim. If he is afraid, consider giving him a kiddy pool right by the pool so he can be with you, but not in the pool.