You’re in your swimsuit and you have slathered on the sunscreen and have your towel. It’s time for a swim. What?! Green water? Give your pool contractor a call if you see algae in the pool water. Algae can take the form of green, black, brown or yellow slime. Yuck!

The swimming pool contractors in Fort Worth, Texas from Seahorse Pools & Spas know that algae can happen to a pool that isn’t taken care of well enough. “Well enough” could mean that it isn’t being cleaned frequently enough or that the water chemistry is out of balance. It is easy for pool water chemistry to get unbalanced, especially if you’re a new pool owner. Chemistry is a delicate balancing act and too much of one and not enough of another can lead to algae spores taking over your pool.

Give your pool contractor a call if you see algae

To defeat algae you first need to know what strain of algae you’re dealing with so you can determine the course of action needed to address it. The most common reason algae grows in the pool water is because the water is unsanitized — dirty.

Sometimes it seems that algae blooms overnight — and it can seem that quick, even though it’s been roiling in the water before it shows itself.

Here are ways to help ensure algae won’t overtake your pool water.

  1. Vacuum the pool often; at a minimum, weekly
  2. Brush the walls and floor especially behind the pool ladder and the deep end of the pool
  3. Skim debris from the surface as often as you see something floating
  4. Run the filter and pump at least eight hours a day — sometimes twelve hours is optimal
  5. Monitor all pool chemical levels
  6. Use algaecide

Once you find algae bloom:

  1. Be prepared to use a LOT of chlorine this is called super-chlorination
  2. Wait until the sun goes down before you dump in a lot of chemicals — the sun will evaporate it and won’t help in the fight
  3. Plan to run the filter and pump continuously
  4. Brush the walls often
  5. Vacuum the pool often
  6. Change the filter and vacuum bags to make sure you’re not reintroducing algae into the water you’re trying to clean
  7. Run the filter for 24 hours a day — for perhaps seven days a week — until the algae is completely out of the water

Don’t wait to call us if you see your pool water not looking as clear as it should be — it could be algae growing and you want to nip that in the bud! Getting rid of algae is a longish task.