Whether you’re a new pool owner, are going to get a swimming pool constructed in 2019 or are looking to hand off the swimming pool maintenance to a service professional in Fort Worth, Texas you may wonder what 5 things a pool service contractor does and what might be part of the contract you sign with a pool service contractor.

If you’re overwhelmed with the time it takes to maintain your own swimming pool and see your free time being spent on pool maintenance rather than swimming with friends and family, it might be time to hire a pool service pro. If you’re spending inordinate amounts of money on pool chemicals because you just can’t get the chemistry right, it might be time to hire a pool professional. If you’re new to pool ownership you may want to have your truested swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools and Spa Service care for the pool they’ve just constructed for you — after all, they understand your unique pool because they’ve built it.

5 things a pool service contractor does

There are so many tasks that a pool service contractor does for his customers, but we wantded to share at least five of them here so you know, when you’re shopping for service, what items should be included in the contract — at a minimum.

If you don’t hire a pool service contractor and do it yourself, these are items you need to do and they are items that a contractor would take off your hands if you hire one.

  1. Water chemistry. This is what stumps many pool owners. It’s a delicate balancing act and if you add to much of one chemical, it throws off the ranges of the others then you end up adding more of one chemical, less of another, then adding more water to the pool to try and get it right. When you’re messing around with chemistry balances, your pool is essentially out of commission. Water chemistry is also the deciding factor in hiring a pool service pro because you will have to find a safe place to store the chemicals and you will need to buy all of them up front — it’s a lot to consider.
  2. Inspection. When your pool contractor pays a service visit he will inspect the electrical and plumbing systems and the pump pressure levels during his cleaning visit.
  3. Cleaning. The pool walls and floor will be brushed and the entire pool vacuumed.
  4. Filter check. Your pool contractor will check the pool filter to assure it’s working properly and that it isn’t in need of a cartridge, DE or sand change.
  5. Accessory check. If you have a diving board, slide, fountains, rock waterfall or other accessories, including a pool heater, your pool contractor will inspect those to assure they are safe for use.

What does pool service cost?

Plan to pay between $125 and $200 (or higher as price depends on many factors) per month for pool service. Prices vary based on the size of your pool, the frequency with which he visits for a pool cleaning, how often the pool gets used, whether you are diligent in the use of a pool cover, even the shape of your pool and the accessories you have in it will be factors in pricing.

If you’re thinking about hiring a pool service contractor, there is no time like the present to begin researching and gathering quotes for the upcoming summer season — it will be here before you know it.