There are so many decisions you need ot make when you’ve taken the plunge to become a swimming pool owner. Once of the questions the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spa Service in Fort Worth, Texas get asked quite a bit is “should you get a concrete swimming pool?” It’s not an easy question nor is it a one-size-fits all answer.

When you have a swimming pool constructed, it is a major investment and should be one that lasts you a lifetime. A concrete aka gunite pool, will do just that — last a lifetime. A concrete swimming pool is an investment in fun for the family, but can potentially increase the value of your property and its resale value should you move.

Tne other options for pool construction materials are: fiberglass and vinyl liner. Each has its unique advantages and drawbacks, but in this article we want to tell you about concrete pools.

Should you get a concrete swimming pool?

  1. As mentioned, a concrete swimming pool could potentially increase the resale value of your home. Your pool, especially a gunite pool, is a permanent structure and an extension of your home and could amp up the resale value and benefit.
  2. Your concrete swimming pool transforms the aesthetic appeal of your backyard and can take it from ho-hum to staycation oasis. The deck and pool side landscaping or the addition of a kitchen could even allow you to move your indoor living outdoors all summer long!
  3. Gunite allows for various colors, designs and finishes that give options to make your pool uniquely yours.
  4. Gunite will last for decades and is the most durable building material available.
  5. In addition to being long-lived, a gunite pool allows you to have it shaped into virtually any design and to fit in with any existing landscape.

Discerning homeowners looking for a long-lasting, beautiful, unique swimming pool typically opt for concrete building material.