Are you getting a new swimming pool constructed in 2020? If so, the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas offer 5 steps to the best pool project ever. These are tips to help you get the project underway and offer you advice on how to talk with your pool contractor during the planning phases.

When you have a swimming pool constructed, as you know, it is a major investment in both time and money and you need to assure it’s the best experience it can be.

“Mistakes” occur when there are misunderstandings, questions not asked or answered and expectations that aren’t met. Open lines of communication help address most of those potential issues.

5 steps to the best pool project ever

  1. The “right” pool for a friend or neighbor might not be the “right” pool for your family. Let us know how you want to use the pool, how much yard space you want to devote to it and what type of accessories you want installed. Your pool is as unique as your family.
  2. Think long term. Yes, you will be using the pool for the family and lifestyle you have right this minute, but what happens when circumstances change? The family gets larger or smaller. You want to have a diving board or slide, but your pool isn’t large enough to accommodate one. You didn’t think about how much you truly use the green space in your yard until the pool has taken over all of it. You don’t plan for a deck because you don’t think of how much time you will spend around the pool.
  3. You don’t have a full understanding of the nuances, advantages and disadvantages of the building material types. Ask for information so you have as full an understanding as possible on: concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pool material. They differ in upfront price, longevity, cleaning differences and much more.
  4. Going with the first pool contractor you talk with. You may ultimately go with that first pool contractor, but do your due diligence and interview and get estimates from more than one. Three is probably an ideal number of estimates to gather. Compare the estimates apples-to-apples. Take into consideration how well you click with the potential pool contractor.
  5. Don’t cut corners. If you save money on a lower-priced piece of equipment like a single speed pump rather than a variable speed pump. You will save money over the long run with a variable speed. Energy efficiency matters when you look at the life of your swimming pool and its costs.

Take your time. We know it’s an exciting time when you’re going to become a swimming pool owner, but don’t rush into it and don’t let yourself be pressured into making any quick decisions. This is a major investment and you need to choose and plan wisely.