Is it time to upgrade and update the swimming pool pump? Your pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas can let you know when the time is near. There are at least 4 reasons to upgrade the pool pump and you can decide whether it’s worth it to you to repair or replace the pool pump.

A pool pump replacement can be a costly endeavor, but you may find you’re saving enough money, over time, that it is well worth it!

4 reasons to upgrade the pool pump

Ask us about whether any of these reasons are worth it to invest in an upgrade to the pool pump:

  1. Efficiency is the main reason for upgrading the pool pump. A new pump, one that is Energy Star rated, will save you money and you will see a return on your investment over time.
  2. Change to a variable speed pool pump. A single speed pool pump is less expensive to buy but costs more to run over the lifetime of the pool.
  3. Over time, the performance of the pump will wane — it will wear out just as any piece of equipment would. New technologies mean better energy efficiency and more money-savings.
  4. The useful life of the pool pump is something your pool contractor can let you know about. He will let you know whether it’s worth repairing a worn out pool pump or if it’s time to replace it. You certainly don’t want to throw good money after bad and find out you’ve spent enough money on repairs to replace instead.

Ask us to inspect your pool pump and the rest of your pool equipment to see if it’s time to upgrade and/or replace any of them. If you find you have a few years of useful life left, you can begin saving now for the replacement in the future and it won’t come as such a shock!