As summer wanes into autumn and winter is quick on its heels, this is the time to consider a swimming pool renovation project. When you remodel the pool now you won’t miss any precious swim time in 2020 the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas offer 3 reasons to renovate your pool this fall. If your pool and its equipment needs to have new life breathed into it, this is the ideal time of year to get on our calendar.

When you have your swimming pool remodeled or renovated in the fall there are some advantages you may not have considered.

3 reasons to renovate your pool this fall

  •  You won’t lose any swim time next summer. No pool owner wants to risk missing out on swim time and an autumn pool remodel helps assure you won’t. If you were planning to have the swimming pool closed soon or if it is already closed, you won’t miss any time and your pool contractor can get to work.
  • Off-season pool renovations and remodeling projects just might cost you less money. You may be able to buy “last year’s” models of equipment or construction materials — brand new, but pool contractors want to clear them out to make way for new merchandise for the next swim construction season. Also, a pool contractor’s fees may be lower in the off season and his calendar may be more open.
  • Your contractor may only be focusing on your pool remodeling project in the off season. During the height of summer, the swimming pool contractor may be working on more than one project at a time and that may mean your project will take a bit longer. In the off season, though he is “all yours” and may be able to work on your project from start to finish without interruption.

If you were planning on landscaping work being done in your backyard, the fall is the best time to do that. You can plan your landscaping and planting around the pool remodeling project and once you’re done all you have to do is bide your time until the next swim season rolls around!

Give us a call today if you’re considering a swimming pool remodeling project this autumn.