Swimming pool trends come and go. There are some trends that remain “trendy” year after year and there are some 2018 swimming pool trends that are popular either from an aesthetic standpoint or from a money-saving one. Talk with us when you’re planning your Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool project about the trends in pool construction and whether you want to jump on a trend or stay traditional with your pool project.

Traditional pool projects remain popular because they are not so trendy that they seem outdated the next season.

2018 swimming pool trends

  • ¬†Swim up spas remain popular especially if you can still use the hot tub on the off season for the swimming pool. If you love the look of this option, talk with us and let’s come up with a plan during the construction planning phase.
  • Glass tile is popular and aesthetically pleasing. Glass is less prone to chipping or breaking than is ceramic tile and it adds a fresher look to the pool. Some pool owners feel ceramic tiles are outdated and if you want to remove your ceramic tiles and switch it up to glass, that could be part of a renovation project.
  • For some families, bigger is better when it comes to the family swimming pool. Depending on the size of your family, the number of pool parties you want to host and the number of people you want to comfortably fit in the pool, you may want to opt for a larger pool. Look at your yardspace and decide, though, do you want to devote a majority of it to a swimming pool? Look at your lifestyle and decide how often you used the yard before you get the pool. If you didn’t really use the yard to its fullest extent, then a larger pool might be just what you need to help amp up the fun in your backyard space.
  • LED lights have been popular for many years and remain a trend you will want to consider for your pool construction or remodeling project.

Set up an appointment and talk with us about your unique pool project and let’s get it started so that you’re swimming before summer 2018 is over!